These are a collection of additional video projects I've worked on throughout my ad agency and freelance career. They consist of broadcast advertising, movie theater advertisement and motion graphics for corporate presentation.
Ohio Art / Etch A Sketch - Boy-Book-Rain
Ohio Art / Etch A Sketch - Librarian-Tree-Plate
Ohio Art / Etch A Sketch - Betty Spaghetty
Omron - Gloria
BAY Furniture - BAY Time Sale
BAY Furniture - Dynamic Duo Sale
BAY Furniture - Retro Roll Back Sale
BAY Furniture - New Years BAY Sale
IDOT - Cops Everywhere - Gas Station-Valet
IDOT - Cops Everywhere - Fast Food-Car Wash
IDOT - Cops Everywhere - Diner-Bank
Preferred Popcorn - Popcorn Popper
Preferred Popcorn - Corn Field
SBBN - Animated Graphic for Presentation and Screen Saver
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