In 2013, Hilco Trading Company became Hilco Global. The evolution of the name appropriately reflected the position the company held as a leader in the international financial services industry. With this, also came a new brand identity, which led to the development of a unified brand structure for all the various business units operating throughout the world.

With a partnered associate. I was hired on as a freelance art director and graphic designer, to redesign and create new content based on the new brand identity. Some of the work consisted of print ads, trade show displays, business service fliers and much more.
Corporate Folder Brochure
Print Ad & Event Location Elevator Ad
Room Posters
Company Timeline Brochure
Business Service Flies
Trade Show Displays & Banners
Mouse Pad & Mobile Email Event Page
Hostess Ad & Property Sale Materials
Sparrows Point Mill Ad & Property Sale Brochure
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